15 Years of nurturing our scholars for tomorrow’s world

The Sierra Leone Grammar School (SLGS) is one of the continent’s most successful and historic schools, with a legacy of excellence stretching back 175 years. For the SLGS Old Boys’ Associations across the world, it is vitally important to give back to the school by supporting its vision of bringing modern, world class education to Sierra Leone.

In 2005, the SLGS Gifted and Talented scholarship fund was established to help support families who are truly in need and require assistance with their child’s education.

Life events such as loss of employment, loss of housing, separation, sickness or even death often cause unexpected financial difficulties that could limit a student’s educational progress.

Students can apply for two types of funds: annual renewal and for the remainder of their time at SLGS. Scholarships funds can cover just fees, or in certain circumstances also cover school uniforms, books and an allowance.

6% of SLGS pupils are directly funded by the global Old Boys’ Associations. 
This vital support comes from a combination of family donations and annual Association’s events.

Preparing our scholars for tomorrow’s world: how YOUR support changes their lives

Find out more about how your donations are fuelling the brightest young minds in Sierra Leone:

Lansana Fofanah: Tomorrow’s business analyst

Lasana Fofanah has high hopes of becoming a first class business analyst, and the talent to achieve it. The scholarship recognised the potential and drive that now places him in the top 10% of his class. As an orphan living with his extended family, any financial constraints that would have been placed on his uncle are now alleviated by his well-deserved Scholarship.

“My name is Lansana and I am a business scholar at SLGS. Against all the odds of being an orphan, being a scholar drives me to remain in the top 10% of my class to make sure my uncle never has to worry about my school fees and upkeep again.

Thank you. Being a scholar has driven my hopes of being a business analyst in tomorrow’s world.”

Joseph Vandi: Tomorrow’s star lawyer

Many of the brightest futures can be thrown into uncertainty by financial difficulties.This was the fear that Joseph Vandi, who aspires to a career in law, had before becoming a Scholarship recipient.

“My name is Joseph and I am a history scholar at SLGS. I have seen some of my classmates sent away from class for not paying their school fees and I would always hope that it would not happen to me. With the scholarship my upkeep is maintained and I never need have that fear again. Thank you. Being a scholar has driven my hopes of being a lawyer in tomorrow’s world.”

Caleb Fohwondu: Tomorrow’s professional engineer

A country cannot stand without a stable infrastructure, and Caleb Fohwondu understands this as well as anybody. The scholarship has opened the door to Caleb’s dream of becoming a top engineer.

“My name is Caleb and I am a scholar at SLGS. I love my country Sierra Leone, that is why I want to be instrumental in building its infrastructure to the international level it deserves.

With the scholarship it is easier to dream about that day than worry about how I will get to school. Thank you. Being a scholar has driven my hopes of being an engineer in tomorrow’s world.”

We are very proud of every one of our gifted and talented students. Their hard work and excellence helps drive the standard of education not only within the School, but in Sierra Leone at large.

Every gifted and talented scholarship represents an exceptional talent allowed to flourish in the face of adversity. Without your vital funding, tomorrow’s generation of lawyers, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, business minds and innovators may be lost to circumstances beyond their control.

21st century learning brings 21st century excellence and a brighter future for the whole of Sierra Leone. Your support is transforming the school, modernising our resources and, as we share our learning digitally, raising the level of education throughout the country. But without you, none of this is possible.

To support our Gifted and Talented scholars, please donate today.