Fundraising FAQs

It’s fantastic that you are considering donating to the #STEM for SL Grammar School Campaign! – Empowering Students for Tomorrow’s World

Donors like you play a crucial part in enabling us to purchase the STEM and computing equipment we are proposing to introduce into the school curriculum, so we want to do whatever we can to answer any questions you may have.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we have received about the STEM for SL Grammar School Campaign. If after reading this, you still have a question, please contact us by email stemcampaign@SLGS.EDU.SL or by SMS/WhatsApp our Donation Care Team on +447709 819 372.

This campaign is being run by all the Sierra Leone Grammar School Old Boys Associations (Sierra Leone, USA & UK) but managed by the Sierra Leone Grammar School Old Boys Association Foundation Trust (UK), SLGSOBA is a charity registered in England and Wales (1146279) and Company No: 07806269.  School background: 

The operation of this charity is regulated by The Charity Commission, they regulate and register charities in England and Wales.

Questions about how money is spent

How will the money we have raised be used?

Sierra Leone Grammar School have over a thousand pupils. We will use the funds raised to setup a number of Computer and STEM Labs.  We are raising $175,000 for the Science Labs, Computer and STEM Labs. The cost of the labs includes all furniture, hardware, software, curriculum, construction, scientific kits, professional development, installation, as well as the annual maintenance for all of the equipment.  Full details can be found in the Investment Required Section of the site.

We will do whatever it takes to make a lasting difference to the lives of our pupils.  The money and donations you raise will help us to carry on with our generational changing work.  It doesn’t matter how much we raise, whether it’s £10 or £1000, every single penny helps us to help our pupils.

I do not wish to make a gift online. How else can I give?

We can accept donations in various ways You can donate in Sierra Leone via Africell Money +232 30042156, Orange Money +232 79629256, or visit the School to make a cash or cheque donation, UK or USA via the respective old boys associations.  Alternatively, please contact us at in order to arrange a solution that works for you.

How much of our donation will be spent on Administration costs?

Your STEM donation will not be spent on administration costs. 

Can I donate items instead of Money?

Yes, please contact us for the latest wish list, from where you can purchase items and get them delivered to any one of our freight forwarders in the UK & USA.

  • Making a cash donation via one of our supported channels is one of the most effective ways to support because we are trying to purchase items in bulk, obtain additional discounts and allow us to manage/administer any warranty issues centrally as the purchase and receipts will be made by the Alumni Association.

Giving a donation online is just one of the ways you can support

Donate your time and expertise – please contact our Donation Care team to enable them to direct you to your closest Alumni branch. We are really interested in volunteers with STEM skills.  Please contact our Donation Care team at

Join the Alumni Association as follows:

Website Channels
SLGS Alumni – South East, USA
SLGS Alumni – Washington DC Metro, USA
SLGS Alumni – North East, USA
SLGS Alumni – West Coast, USA
SLGS Alumni – UK Branch
SLGS Alumni – Sierra Leone Please contact the School directly

Questions about partnering with us

We work with a really wide range of organisations – big and small.  We would love you to get involved.  Please contact our Donation Care team by email They’ll be happy to discuss potential partnership opportunities with you.